« Hey Grandma! How ya doing ? » I yelled as my grandmother stepped inside.  « Im fine thanks, how about you ? » « Im doing great ! » I said.  « Weres Grandpa ? » Nicholas, my brother, exclaimed.  « Hes coming. » my grandmother replied.As the guests arrived we all sat down to eat.  Never in my life had i tasted such a good dinner ! There was homemade  pasta salad, cheesburgers, hot-dogs, green salad, and for dessert : lemon cake that my mom and i had baked just that afternoon!
To me that was food fit for a king ! After the excellent meal was over, everybody got in the car.
On the way to Myrtle Avenue, we heard people celebrating :It was unbeleivable ! Screams of children would be heard over the crackle of the fire-works, yells of delight would  « Oh » as colors burst into the sky ! No sad face was to be seen.
 Soon we were at our destination.  As everyone got out of the car, my dad and brother carried the chairs that the adults would sit on.  My mom and grandma  picked a spot were we would sit.  Then, almost 40 minutes later, the fireworks started.
It was a beautiful sight .  Red turned into green, big turned into small.  Each one had its own uniquness.  Some of the fireworks were like fire turning into gold.  They shot up so fast, and then stayed there for at least one breathtaking second.  All were different and the same in one way.  Red, blue, yellow, green, white.  So many colors ! They were as colorful as a rainbow, just waiting to be seen in there utemost beauty.  And then there were the noises: Pop ! Pop ! Pop ! Pop ! Pop ! The sound vibrated in my ears as the fireworks faded in the warm night air.  Even my little brother Nicholas managed to stay quiet.  It seemed like I was in a different world.  I was dumbfounded, not able to speak because of the picture in front of my eyes.  Still  the Pop ! Pop ! Sounded like a far-away  echo, as if it didn’t belong to the fireworks in the dark sky.
Soon after the show, I lay in my bed rethinking what had happened earlier.  Maybe, just maybe, I could help for the next Fourth of July ?: I could show the fire men that I wasn’t scared to go near the fire-works, I could help « Uncle Sam » pass out candy to the children, I could do all kinds of things…………. As I thought of these ideas, I snuggled deeper into my bed, smiling at  the sounds of fire-works in the air : Pop ! Pop !

GISELLE, 12 Jahre aus Los Angeles, (2005)