In English my name means a pledge. It is a promise that you can trust. It is the number 46. It is a fluffy texture. It is the sound of the ocean.  It is a unique color. The smell of something new.
My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all danced in the ballet Giselle. Beautiful and graceful itwas, telling a story by sharing it in the way of art, but never telling lies.
I feel happy about my name.  Knowing that it comes from a family of dancers, I try to think of what other history it has gone through that relates to dance. Of course I have no idea, but sometimes when I ask questions to an adult that knows about some of the history of the ballet Giselle, I usually get an answer or 2. At school, some children pronounce my name the way a snake will hiss, but I am not bothered because most of them won’t. At home, my family says my name is as clear as a running stream : Giselle. I wouldn't change my name if I could because I love it the way it is. Unique and beautiful.
A pledge, a promise you can trust : Giselle

GISELLE, 12 Jahre aus Los Angeles, (2005)